Monday, 15 December 2008

President Bush

I've just witnessed the funniest thing on television in ages.

President Bush was on a visit to Iraq, and while he was holding a press conference, an Iraqi journalist took off his shoes and hurled them, with particularly good aim, at the President of the United States.

Now Bush may have used his good instincts to dodge the shoes, but lets be honest that was a big insult and an even braver move.

Bush may be playing down the incident, saying he was not insulted and did not hold it against the Iraqi government, but I'm sure he will not be in any hurry to go back to Iraq.

Sunday, 14 December 2008

I'm Back

Sorry everyone I haven't posted anything in a while, I was called away suddenly, I had to go to St Lucia on family duties and I've just got back.

So back to business once again.

Tuesday, 25 November 2008

Haringey Council Workers Not Fired

It has just been revealed that the social workers of Haringey Council, who were responsible for the tragic death of Baby P, will not be fired.

This just goes to show that again, justice has not been served and that the Council will continue to cover up and play down their responsibliities to other children in the same situation.

It also makes me wonder how many other child are living in fear, in homes that are not providing the loving care and are not the safe haven they should be.

How easy is it to fool these social workers who are supposed to be looking out for the exact signs that Baby P exhibited.

The social workers are always supposed to be one step ahead of parents like that of Baby P.

There was a reason why Baby P was on the high risk list, and what were they looking for if they saw that child 60 times. How could they have missed the absolute hell this child was living in.

It has left the public amazed and angered at the negligence that Haringey Council exhibited, and it seems that those who should be held accountable, will not be.

Therefore it seems that we as a community will have to pick up the slack, if there are any children that need help, we will have to expose them, since social services cannot be completely trusted to act.

Saturday, 22 November 2008

Was There Ever A Mother Like Karen Matthews

It still astounds me that any parent could even contemplate planning the abduction of their own child for financial gain.

I always thought that a parent's love was unconditional and priceless, but it seems I was wrong in the case of Karen Matthews.

It is a shame that Shannon now has to live with the fact that not only will she be separated from her mother, but also that she was nothing but a bank check to her.

I also wonder just what drove Karen to even think about trying to fake her daughter's kidnapping. Was she really in that much of a financial situation where she thought that lying to the police and the public sounded smart.

I will pray for Shannon and her family because there will be trying times when the truth of what happened fully comes out, and I really hope that Karen thinks it was worth it.

Wednesday, 19 November 2008

BNP Members List Leaked

Am I the only person who cannot stand to watch members of the BNP on the news talking about how their privacy has been invaded after 12,000 names of the BNP register list has been leaked.

To my way of thinking if you are a proud BNP member, what is wrong with proclaiming the fact loudly and proudly. Let the rest of us know exactly how you feel.

If I was living next to a BNP member I for sure would like to know. It lets the public know that despite how proud we are as a nation are of being so multicultural, racism is still rife within society.

Also I for one am completely for not having BNP members in the police force, in the army or working as teachers.

What sort of people do you want teaching your children, or on the streets on London supposedly protecting the community.

We do not need people picking and choosing who they are going to help or who they are going to teach equality to.

So if this list has helped people be a little more honest about their true feelings, then all the better for us non-racist people.

Monday, 17 November 2008

The Tragedy of Baby P

The life of Baby P was a short one as well as tragic. This beautiful baby boy was let down by the people who should of protected him the most.

His parents abused him and Haringey Social Services who should of stepped in, did not, allowing Baby P to die as a result of the numerous injuries he suffered at the hands of his mother and her boyfriend.

What is also equally surprising and frustrating is that only after this little boy suffered so much does it appear that he actually had other people who could have stepped in.

After his death his father has issued a statement saying how much he loved him, and now his grandmother has shown herself saying that she told social services that Baby P needed help.

Why is it that it is only now that this extended family feel that they could be of help. They should of stepped in when Baby P needed them.

It is a shame and a disgrace that so many people could have failed this little boy, and everyone responsible for the demise of Baby P should be held accountable.

Thursday, 13 November 2008

The Joke of Dizzy Rascal On News Night

The night when the world celebrated the landslide victory of President- Elect Barack Obama, the BBC decided to make a joke of what this win meant to people of Britiain by choosing rapper Dizzy Racal as the voice of black people.

On BBC 2, the popular political commentary show News Night featured an interview with Baroness Amos, the former leader of the House of Lords and Dizzy Rascal, commenting about their feelings on whether Britain could have a black Prime Minister.

I, like many others was ashamed of how Dizzy Rascal came across in the show. Fair enough he was just being himself, and no one ever told him he was going to have to become a political commentator.

It is true that if he was to have been any different, people would have been wondering what was wrong. However to me the blame lies completely with the BBC.

Voice of Young Britain

If they wanted to have a commentary from young Britain, there is no way they could say that he was the perfect choice for the voice of young people.

He was not taking it seriously and Jeremy Paxman definitely was not taking it seriously. Even Baroness Amos was embarrassed.

If this is what the BBC call hard news, they should be ashamed of themselves. Usually the BBC can be depended on to be a perfect representation of what news should be, but on that occassion they were seriously lacking.